Tunes and Recordings

This page is an index of tunes we use for dances and other merriment. For a more thorough reference, see the BerkMo wiki, which includes detailed dance notes and instructional content.

Repertoire tunes

Berkeley Windmill (Theme Vannitaise)Border2015-10-23ABCMP3▶ Renegade Rose, 2015
▶ 2013
Bledlow Cross (Siege of Delhi)Border2015-11-30ABCMP3▶ Dickens, 2014
Bonnie Green Garters recessional  ABC 
Brian BoruBledington ABCMP3▶ May, 2011
Brighton Camp recessional aka The Girl I Left Behind Me 2015-12-03 
Double StarFieldtown2019-11-17ABCMP3
Durham GaolFieldtown2015-11-30ABCMP3▶ Northwest Folklife 2019
Fanny FrailBessels Leigh2019-11-17ABC ▶scratch tape from practice Oct 2019
Fieldtown processional Fieldtown ABCMP3 ▶ Ferry Building, May 2018
The Fool (The Idiot / The Petulant Canadian)Fieldtown2015-10-28ABCMP3▶ Ferry Building, May 2018
▶ Jack Russell, 2011
▶ May, 2011
Gardener’s DelightBessels Leigh2019-11-17ABCMP3▶Scratch tape from the end practice, Oct 2019
General Ludd’s MarchFieldtown2019-10-27ABCMP3▶ for 12, Ardenwood Farms, May 2018
▶ Marin, Jun 2018
▶ May, 2011
▶ SoCal, 2008
Gentleman SoldierBledington2019-10-27ABCMP3▶ May, 2011
▶ Golden Gate Park, 2010
▶ Aptos, 2009
Grandfather’s ClockFieldtown2015-11-30ABCMP3▶ Dickens, 2014
Hereburg WindmillHereburgh2019-10-27ABCMP3▶ May, 2011
▶ Santa Cruz, 2009

KlezmorrisBledington2020-05-12ABCMP3▶ Ashland, 2015
▶ (with recessional) Jack Russell, 2011
▶ May, 2011
▶ SoCal, 2008
Knick Knack (Davey Davey)Fieldtown2015-10-23ABCMP3▶ May, 2011
London Rounds (Lilliburlero)Fieldtown2019-10-27ABC 
Matilda’s Weave / Sheriff’s RideFieldtown2019-11-17ABCMP3▶ Dickens, 2014
Morning StarBledington2020-05-12ABCMP3▶ Santa Cruz, 2009
▶ Santa Cruz, 2007
Old HeddonBessels Leigh2015-10-28ABCMIDI▶ Dickens, 2014
▶ Jack Russell, 2011
Over the HillsBessels Leigh2015-10-24ABCMIDI▶ SoCal, 2010
▶ May, 2011
PaliterosBessels Leigh2018-05-14ABC ▶Original Portuguese Dance
▶ Ardenwood, May 2018
▶ Dickens 2017
Plum Boogery (Battle of Waterlooplein)Bledington2016-02-23ABC ▶Foggy Bottom Morris Men
▶ Rincon Park, May 2018
▶ Ferry Building, May 2018
▶ Oakland, 2016
Princess RoyalFieldtown2015-12-01ABC major w/ chords
ABC minor
major w/ chords
▶ Ashland, 2015
▶ Santa Cruz, 2014 ▶ Steve, reference, 2020 ▶ Randall, reference, 2020
Step Back (Old Molly Oxford) 2015-12-01MIDI ▶ Dickens, 2015
▶ Jack Russell, 2011
Three Musketeers (British Grenadiers)Fieldtown2015-10-28ABCMP3▶ Ferry Building, May 2018
Uttoxeter SwingBessels Leigh2015-11-30ABCMP3▶ Sebastopol, May 2018
▶ Jack Russell, 2011
▶ Golden Gate Park, 2010
▶ Portola Valley Library, 2023
WellermanZoomington/Fieldtown2021-05-20WikiMP3▶ Midwest Morris Ale, 2021
William & NancyBledington MP3▶ May, 2011
WindlassFieldtown ABCMP3▶ Jack Russell, 2011
▶ May, 2011
World Turned Upside Down (Stop Me and Buy One)Bledington2019-11-17ABCMP3▶ Ardenwood, May 2018
▶ Jack Russell, 2011

All other tunes

17th of May    MP3
Abraham Brown    
AverilBorder2015-11-30 MP3
Bacca Pipes  ABCMP3 / MP3▶ Santa Cruz, 2009
▶ May, 2011
Badby BeansettingBadby ABCMP3
Balance The Straw  ABC 
Battle of Waterlooplein (see Plum Boogery)     
Belligerent BluejayBorder2015-12-03ABC 
Berkeley Wassail  ABC3 part midi
Bass midi
Melody midi
Soprano midi
Black Joke   MP3
Blue Bells of Scotland  ABC 
Blue-Eyed Stranger (see The Stork)     
Bonnets So BlueBessels Leigh ABC ▶ Jack Russell, 2011
▶ May, 2011
Constant Billy (see Mash ‘Em)     
Craven Stomp (Dancing Oolert)Border2015-11-30 MP3
Cuckoo’s NestFieldtown ABCMP3▶ May, 2011
Curly-headed PloughboyBledington2015-11-30  
Domino 5 (Rochester)Border2015-12-03 MP3
Durham Rangers    
Fairy Dance (Feathers)    
Flower of the North 2018-05-22  
Four Lane EndShropshire Bedlam Border ABCMP3▶ Santa Cruz, 2008
Four UpBorder2015-12-03 
Froggie’s First Jump 2018-05-22  
Froggy’s 1st Jump    GIF 
From Night Til Morn  ABC 
Gilbertsville Jig
(Donkey Riding)
Bledington ABC  
Glorishears (see Leapfrog)     
Highland Mary 2018-05-22  
Jamaica 2018-05-22  
Jockey to the Fair 2015-11-30ABCMP3
Knuckles (English Country Garden)    MP3
Ladies PleasureBledington2020-04-29 ▶ Randall, reference, 2020
Lads a Bunchum 2018-05-22  
Lollipop Man  ABCMP3
Lorenz’s ButterflyBorder2015-12-03 
Lumps of Plum PuddingBledington2020-04-29 MP3▶ Siannan, reference, 2020
Mash’em (Constant Billy)  ABC 
Morgan’s Orchard (The Keel Row) 2019-11-17ABC 
Mrs. Casey  ABC 
None So PrettyFieldtown2020-04-29  ▶ Siannan, reference, 2020
▶ Randall, reference, 2020
Nutting GirlFieldtown2020-04-29  ▶ Berkeley World Music Festival, 2019
▶ Siannan, reference, 2020
▶ Portola Valley Library 2023
Ockington Stick (Drowsy Maggie)  ABC/ABC/ABC 
Off to California    
Old Peculiar    
Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket   PDF 
Orange in BloomSherborne2015-11-30 PDFMP3
Peacock Feather – Hell’s BellsBorder2015-12-03 
Queen’s Delight, Bucknell    
Ragged CrowBorder2015-12-03 
Recessional (The Girl I Left Behind Me) 2018-09-15   ▶ Oakland, 2015
Ring O’ Bells (Farewell Manchester)  ABC 
Robin’s Klezmer Jam    MP3
Rubik’s CubeBorder2015-12-03 
Russel Wortley’s MaggodBorder2015-12-03 
Seaside Shuffle 2018-05-22  
September 4thBorder2015-12-03 
Serpentier Och KonfettiFieldtown2019-03-13 ▶ Sausalito, April 2019
▶ Sausalito, April 2019
Shepherd’s HeyFieldtown2020-04-29  ▶ Randall, reference, 2020
Shooting (Beaux of London City) 2019-11-20ABC 
Simon’s Fancy (tune: Rambling Sailor) Bampton   
Soldier O 2018-05-22  
South Australia 2018-05-22  
Speed The Plough 2019-11-20ABC 
Spin Cycle    
Stork, The (Blue-Eyed Stranger)Headington2018-05-22  
Sweet Jenny Jones 2018-05-22  
Tamborine (Galopede)  ABC 
The RoseFieldtown   MP3▶ Golden Gate Park, 2010
Trunkles (Bledington) (Berkeley Fieldtown)     
Upton on Severn  ABC 
Valentine (Ascott) 2015-11-30 MP3▶ B&W 2015
Vandalls (The Bower) 2018-05-22ABCMP3
Waltzing Matilda 2015-11-30  
Widow of Westmoorland    
Wild HuntBorder2015-12-03 
Winster Galop (Shambles)    
Winster Processional March 2018-05-22  
Young CollinsFieldtown2015-10-24ABCMP3